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A great little tapas and wine bar

We are Mediterranean winery!

Dive into our traditions

You’ll be welcomed by a long and sturdy wooden and marble bar where. Then, you’ll be seated at one of our small marble and wrought iron tables; well protected by the beautiful mackerel bench mural hand painted by the Valencian illustrator Gisela Talita. And we’ll welcome you with a smile saying… “Benvinguts i benvingudes a Alenar. Casa nostra és casa vostra!”

In the heart of Valencia, between franchises and fast food places, you will find our little island of peace, our home! Alenar will transport you to the magical bars and casinos on the last century, places where we all felt at home. A place dedicated to respect the tradition in the most honest way, preserving the essence of the origin, where you can breathe the culture of la terreta; ours, of our parents and grandparents, that of all our lives.

Alenar is a place where the sensation of living, sailing and feeling the Mediterranean is revived in the centre of Valencia. A place where the clock stops and the enjoyment of flavours, tradition and experiences in an authentic Valencian bodega begins.

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