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Our purpose:

Paying homage to the Mediterranean with traditional flavours and products.

A tribute to the Mediterranean with many noods to la Marina Alta

Alenar borns in 2019 with the desire to honour, every day, those products and flavours that have accompanied us all our lives; preserves, salted fish, local products… we want to bring back the authentic Valencian flavours!

It’s our passion and desire to make these flavours known, the driving force behind the birth of Alenar; the place where you can stop to have lunch, vermouth, tapas, dinner and discover the best Valencian wines.

Every morning we open with the best speciality coffee thanks to D-Origen coffee, roasted on the Costa Blanca to give way to one of our favourite moments… “l’hora de l’esmorzaret!” (our traditional lunch time). At Alenar we celebrate every day this culture that defines Valencians so much... The culture of l'esmorzaret! Thus, our gastro esmorzaret makes everyone who tries it fall in love.

But that’s not all! At Alenar we want every person who enters our house to enjoy themselves. We want you to enjoy that tomato that tastes like tomato, those anchovies that, no matter how well you know them, never cease to surprise, or those coques de la Marina Alta that keep the original recipe, the one of Grandma Terresa!

Alenar is that place to feel at home in the heart of Valencia.


To toast discovering or rediscovering local wines, with a very cool beer or a vermouth full of aromas and flavours.


Sharing is in our DNA. That’s why each of our tapas are designed to be enjoyed together, to share our flavours, passions and traditions.


We love to see and make you enjoy. Tables filled with exchanged smiles, shared stories and flavours. And above all… enjoying the moment!

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